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Peace in His Presence

Jun 28, 2020

God restores your soul even in the most difficult of circumstances. The Good Shepherd walks with you, cares for you, and loves you. Join Michelle as she talks with her sisters in this episode about the 23rd Psalm

Jun 22, 2020

Michelle interview's Christina Hergenrader about her Christy-award nominated novel, Last Summer At Eden. 

Christina is a gifted storyteller and when you take a beautifully crafted story and apply biblical truths it can be life-changing. 

Last Summer at Eden is an unforgettable story about faith-inspired hope. 

If you...

Jun 14, 2020

In This episode, Michelle Talks to Jeff Leininger about his book, Callings for Life.

*Do you ever wonder if what you do matters?
*Are you wondering if life has passed you by and you've
missed out on making a difference?
*Are you waiting to do the one big thing you think you are
supposed to do?
*Can God use me to make a...

Jun 7, 2020

God leads us beside the still waters, even in the midst of storms of life. Join Michelle as she continues to look at the 23rd Psalm 

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Seek and Savor Podcast


Jun 1, 2020

When life feels uncertain and unsettled you need to be reminded that the Lord is Your Shepherd. You can rest in the peace of His presence and in His promises.  Join Michelle as she takes a look at Psalm 23.