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Peace in His Presence

May 31, 2019

Michelle sits down with her friend, Shannon to talk about Psalm 34.  Shannon shares about her difficult childhood and how her Grandma made a huge difference in her life. 

Shannon's Website

May 28, 2019

Do you find yourself living in a state of wanting more? Perhaps you look at your life and say, if only....  Sharla Fritz in her book, Enough For Now, describes it as having a broken wanter.  You will want to take some time to listen to this episode, to hear from Sharla about her book.  You will hear words of...

May 26, 2019

God will give you strength for each moment of your life.  He will never leave you.  May you find comfort and encouragement, as Michelle takes a look at Psalm 27.

Songs of Hope

May 19, 2019

Join Michelle as she interviews Deb Burma about her new Bible Study, Joy.  

You will want to take the time to listen, Deb shares an amazing story and some special insights from her study of the book of Philippians. 

You can order her Bible study at

May 17, 2019

God's grace covers every area of your life.  You are safe in His loving embrace.  Join Michelle as she takes a look at Psalm 25.  You can sign up for the special bonuses she has created for you here.