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Peace in His Presence

Feb 25, 2019

Studies show that gratitude can change the neural pathways in our brain.  How can gratitude help us with our anxious thoughts?

30 Days of Joyful Gratitude

Feb 18, 2019

We will all walk through the Valley of the Shadow of death.  We do not face death alone, God will walk with us. 

God surrounds us with His peace and comfort as we face losing our loved ones.   


Feb 11, 2019

Anxiety, fear, and worry can settle into our minds when we realize we cannot control or fix a situation.  We cannot always keep our loved ones within our reach and so how do we handle letting them go?  

In those moments we need to rest in the presence and promises of God.  

Feb 4, 2019

Fear, worry, and anxiety can control our thoughts and impact how we live our lives.  God does not want us to live our lives ruled by fear.  He promises us peace in all circumstances.  

Fear Not Bible Reading Plan

30 Day Free Audible...