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Peace in His Presence

May 17, 2020

Perhaps you feel like you are living in a season of loss right now.  Our calendars have changed, life doesn't look quite the way we imagined it would. We have all faced loss because of COVID 19.

We want to be people who believe in God's goodness, no matter what. But what do we do when life doesn't feel good? When God doesn't answer our prayers the way we've asked or imagined? Or when we feel like disappointment has taken over a season of our life? What do we do? It's really not about what we do but what God has done for us in Christ Jesus. He has given us the gift of hope and planted it deep within our hearts.

I've invited Kelly Streiff to be a guest on my podcast today to share her story with us. She isn't a stranger to loss or grief and today she is going to share with us about her daughter Imogen, who now lives in heaven. It is a story of heartache and loss, but it is also a story of hope. 

Kelly Streiff Website

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